New Abilities to Accelerate Your Research

Transforming Scientific Research with AI Precision

Datyra Corporatus is a highly intelligent assistant that can read thousands of papers in a moment to surface the most relevant information for your research. Then, it distills, expands, and manipulates the information to provide the best response. Our AI-driven literature-based discovery is like the microscope of the digital age, offering a custom AI assistant to accelerate your scientific aspirations.

Uncover New Scientific Horizons

Step into the realm of innovation with Corporatus.
Delve into our platform’s standout features that drive scientific innovation and discovery.

Experiment Protocol Generation

Create detailed experiment protocols with enriched insights and specialized terminology from your discipline, aiding in meticulous goal achievement and comprehensive understanding.

Overview of Multiple Papers

Access summarized insights from various scientific papers, enhancing research comprehension by comparing and contrasting different perspectives.

Knowledge Search for Database

Efficiently find precise facts within thousands of papers. Corporatus offers concise summaries and standardized references for factual findings.

Brainstorming for Innovation

Engage in exploratory brainstorming sessions to filter articles, explore innovative ideas, and apply creative problem-solving approaches to elevate scientific research.

Uses cases

Summarize Scientific Literature

Design Scientific Experiments

Search for Specific Facts

Brainstorm Ideas