Corporatus: The minds of Da Vinci and Burke harnessed into a Scientific Assistant

An Assistant for Literature Based Discovery of Scientific Advancements

Corporatus offers an innovative AI assistant tailored for scientific advancements. Our AI is a custom Large Language Model, on top of a leading database of scientific papers. Researchers benefit from effortless analysis of complex literature, exploring experimental strategies, and uncovering new paths for breakthroughs. Our AI draws from the wisdom of historical luminaries like Leonardo da Vinci and Edmund Burke, providing a distinctive advantage.

Discover Corporatus in Action

Explore our platform through a video demonstration to experience the transformative power of our AI-driven scientific assistant.

Scientific Excellence at Your Fingertips

Streamline your scientific research with AI literature-based discovery and experiment design.

Say goodbye to the complexities of deciphering scientific papers.

Lead the scientific vanguard and stay at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries.

Clear and Concise Pricing


You can obtain a base license to Corporatus for just $240 per year. Custom versions of the model, which include a proprietary database and domain knowledge inserted into the model weights costs between $5,000 and $250,000 dollars depending on the size of and specificity required.

Base License

  • Standard access to the Corporatus model
  • Effortless navigation of scientific literature
  • Basic experiment design assistance
  • Limited AI customization options

Customized Version

$5,000 - 250,000
  • Tailored model with domain-specific knowledge
  • Inclusion of proprietary databases into the model weights
  • Comprehensive and detailed AI customization
  • Advanced experiment design and brainstorming capabilities
  • Enhanced AI performance with specific and detailed domain knowledge

This clarity ensures that you can easily plan your budget while accessing the powerful capabilities of Datyra Corporatus.

Explore how our innovation can transform your research endeavors.